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Powered by Superstarch
Our brand new UCAN SNACK Bar is here! All the benefits of UCAN you love and trust in our most convenient and delicious format. UCAN SNACK is the perfect energy sustaining & satisfying snack for workouts and the workday. Get all the benefits of SuperStarch with added protein, fiber, and healthy fats from coconut oil. UCAN SNACK is low sugar, has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and is gluten-free. Try the newest addition to our family today!


Generation UCAN began as a big dream inspired by our very own UCAN moment. The search for a life-saving energy source for Jonah, a child with a rare disease, led to the discovery of SuperStarch, an all-natural, slow-releasing carbohydrate that provides steady energy and blood sugar levels.

From Jonah to Generation UCAN, we're now redefining the sports and consumer nutritional landscape of the world. Our products "Powered by SuperStarch" are backed by patented and proven science to help you sustain energy and burn fat the healthy way. Whether you're running a marathon, climbing a mountain, competing on the field, or live an on-the-go lifestyle, UCAN is ideal for maintaining steady energy.

The revolutionary nutrition is here and it's just a click away. Our Generation UCAN family of products are gluten-free, low in sugar, and will keep you energized, hydrated and fit. Join a new generation where UCAN inspire, believe, compete and triumph the healthy way.

Stay energized. Stay Healthy.
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